Technical Computing

IBM Technical Computing solutions empower businesses and organizations to achieve better results faster by leveraging high performance systems, whether it’s improved financial performance, faster product development cycle times, breakthrough innovations in understanding molecular level interactions, or new ways to simulate the behavior of materials at nanoscale.

Featured Products

IBM Platform HPC: Complete HPC Management

IBM Platform HPC is a complete, unified set of management capabilities making it easy to harness the power & scalability of HPC clusters.

IBM Intelligent Cluster™ Solutions

IBM Intelligent Cluster factory-integrated solutions are built on the highly innovative IBM System x® rack, BladeCenter® or iDataPlex® servers.

IBM System Storage DCS3700

The IBM DCS3700 is designed for applications with high-performance streaming data requirements, optimal space utilization, low power consumption and high performance.

IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™)

IBM GPFS™ provides a highly scalable, high performance and highly available file system environment