Infor M3 for EQUIPMENT

“Infor Equipment is probably the most advanced and functionality comprehensive collaborative enterprise system available for the equipment rental market” – Tom Armstrong, Chief Information Officer, Aggreko

Engineered for speed

Your business may handle some of the world’s heaviest, most complex equipment, but you still have to be nimble to respond to today’s customer and market demands. Whatever role you fill in the equipment lifecycle, speed matters:

  • Equipment manufacturers want to reduce the time between quote and order and then streamline operations to squeeze out time lost between order promise and delivery. And they need to make sure that aftermarket sales is a critical part of their business – not an afterthought.
  • Dealers and distributors need to reduce the time between demand and supply, without building excess inventory.
  • Service provider need the fastest possible turnaround response to ensure maximum uptime for the equipment their customers depend on

One size fits one

You can’t meet the unique needs of the equipment industry with generic software that treats all industries equally. Infor understand that the equipment industry isn’t like any other industry and has created software that’s tailored to the specific needs of this industry. We believe that one size fits one.

Infor Equipment includes all the capabilities to manage the equipment lifecycle built-in – not bolted on.

So what does that mean for you? Faster deployments and fewer modifications. You’ll be up and running more quickly, with fewer disruptions to your business. Upgrades are faster, too. So you can quickly adapt your business processes to the rapid changes of the equipment industry.

Focused on your success

Infor Equipment is built from Infor’s 25 years experience solving business challenges for the equipment and machinery industries. Infor signed the first equipment-centric customer in 1993, and they are still Infor customer today – along with thousand more. Why? Because Infor understand equipment-centric companies and deliver solutions built from that understanding.

Some of Infor’s customers:

  • Aggreko PLC
  • Finning International
  • Toyota Material Handling
  • Swire Oilfield Services

Specialized by industry

Infor Equipment is specialized for the equipment industry, which means it offers the broadest, deepest solution for the entire equipment industry. The integrated suite addresses your most critical business processes, including the five highlighted here:

  • Customer Lifecycle Management – Have confidence
  • Product And Service Innovation – Gain control
  • Customer Service – Respond faster
  • Equipment Lifecycle Profitability – Get full picture
  • Production Operation Management – Local to global

Built for results

You need continuous control and a plain by view of the equipment lifecycle from all angles. With Infor Equipment, you’ll have all the functionality you need to track and monitor your entire equipment lifecycle, from cradle to grave. With single, integrated system for managing manufacturing, service and rentals, you can:

  • Streamline manufacturing operations
  • Enhance and integrate aftermarket service
  • Manage all aspects of your dealership
  • Drive profitability throughout the equipment lifecycle
  • Gain greater visibility to more proactively manage your business
  • Make your supply chain, planning, and scheduling operations more efficient.

Infor understand equipment centric companies, and has built that expertise in to Infor Equipment. So you get results – fast.

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