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  • Infor M3 Enterprise Management Solution
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Infor M3 Enterprise Management Solution

Designed for companies that Make, Move, or Maintain products, Infor M3 delivers an unmatched user experience and a broad array of integrated applications.It is a centralized multi country, multi-lingual, multi currency, multi-company, multi-site solution with the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs.

It provides flexibility in managing mixed-mode and complex environments, and deep industry-specific functionality to support the unique needs of businesses that deal with Fashion, Food and Beverage, Distribution and Equipment.

What it is?

Infor M3 is a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed specifically for medium to large, complex organizations that have physical inventories and assets to manage. For more than 30 years, Infor M3 has been helping companies in Fashion, Food and Beverage, Distribution and Equipment manage all the core and supporting processes inherent in their operations.

Infor M3 is designed just for you, so you can focus on your business and how you want to run it.

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